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Bad Horsemanship

horses need to be with other horses
One of the worst things to do to ANY horse is to keep them alone! 
It doesn't matter how good the feed is, or how FLASH the stable, or even how much money his rug cost or how much you love and care for your horse . . a horse on his own is a very sad and cruel thing!

Horses are a herd animal and need to be with others of their own kind for both mental and physical well-being, prefrably within the same paddock but at least over the fence so they can touch and groom each other. It will actually damage their FRAME OF MIND to be kept without others of their own kind just as bad as it would be for us to live in solitary . . . .

I found the best way to genuinely understand this is . . . .Imagine that you have won THE BIG LOTTO JACKPOT-17 million dollars say, and you now have the big mansion, the sports car, swimming pools, private tennis course and pretty much the best of everything else that money can buy . . . . 

Now how would it feel if you had all that without ever seeing another human being???? It sure wouldn't mean much now would it?

How many years before you went completely mad . . .?

So we'll get you a goat some people say . . .how much better does it feel now . . . .Not much hey?

Nothing against goats as I like them a lot but goats need goats, people need people and yes . . . .HORSES NEED HORSES so please don't keep them alone!

Elderly horses can often be excellent teachers for small children without having to carry any weight-my daughter weighed just 20kg at the timeOne of the things that absolutely drives me to total despair is to see an elderly horse been given away or sold. My feelings on this are that the horse has been a faithful and loyal companion and has given his whole life to the service of man . . . therefore why can't he or she just be left to retire in peace with the family that he has come to love along with his pasture mates. So please don't part with your old horse just because they can't be ridden anymore-SURELY  THE ELDERLY HORSE HAS EARNED THE RIGHT TO A DECENT RETIREMENT FOR ALL HIS HARD WORK OVER THE YEARS!

I hear about a heck of a lot of people getting angry and punishing their horses as they incorrectly believe the horse is being naughty, rather than correctly seeing this as a fight or flight response through fear or dominance and an abject need for survival by a prey species taking precedence over the riders commands. Therefore I implore you not to do this for any reason please-if you think your horse is pushing your buttons, you need to get off , tie him up and walk away for a break. . . .as then the relationship will be there for another day.

Horses need to be fully grown before they aer ridden or permanent damage to the developing muscles and bones can occurI genuinley don't think people understand that getting onto a young horses growing back will damage that horses physiology for life. The bones are too soft to carry the weight of a rider until the horse has stopped growing at between 3-5 years old, especially the more slow to develop breeds like draft horses and warmbloods. I personally think the rider should be prosecuted for animal cruelty for doing this as it really is that serious.


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