NATURAL HORSE - Natural Horsemanship Equipment and Equine Relationship Training
Please fill in if you have ever had a barefoot horse?
Thermal image of a barefoot horse
What type of barefoot horse have you had
Horse had no shoes -trimmed by a farrier
Hooves trimmed-done by yourself
Hooves trimmed by unqualified trimmer
Hooves trimmed by a qualified Barefoot Trimmer
Other-please tell us more at the end of survey
If a Barefoot Trimmer was used -do you know what style of trim did your horse have?
Mustang rolled wild hoof trim
Strausser barefoot trim
Filed to no particular shape
Not sure
What minerals do you feed to your horse to support a healthy body and good feet?tick all that apply
Multi mineral mix-chemical
Multi mineral mix-organic
Other-add info in extra section as end of survey
How long did you give your horse to transition to being barefoot
1-3 months
3-6 months
6-9 months
9 months to 1 year
more than a year
however long it takes
Did you transition your barefoot horse to different terrains-tick all that apply
No, only exposed to grass pasture
Small amount of walking on harder surfaces
Medium amount of walking on hard surfaces
High exposure to hard and varied surfaces
Other-please tell us more at the end of the survey
Did you adjust the horses diet for an improved hoof-tick all that apply
fulltime grass with no other food
grass and hay
grass and hay with minerals
grass & hay with minerals and a toxin binder
grass, hay, hardfeed, minerals & binder
restricted grass with hay
restricted grass with hay and hardfeed
restricted grass, hay,hardfeed, minerals & binder
no grass -just hay
no grass-just hay and hard feed
no grass-just hay, hardfeed, minerals and binder
other-please state at the end of survey
What type of grass does your horse live on
Ryegrass paddock
Mixed grass paddock
Dairy paddock
Horse paddock-Timothy or tussock garsses
Tracked grazing-paddock paradise
Don't know
other-please tell us more at the end of survey
How often were your horse's hooves trimmed?
4 weeks
4-6 weeks
6-8 weeks
not regular
longer periods of time
Did you find factual information about barefoot horses or not-please tell us below
How much did each trim cost you including travel?
other -please state at end
Can you explain the difference between a barefoot trim and a farrier trim?
Why did you go barefoot with your horse-tick all that apply
Thought it would be better for the horse
Wanted to be more natural
You are aware of poor circulation in shod horses
Save money
Improve traction
you don't agree with shoeing
to improve your horses movement
Give your horse more freedom
Safety around other horses
Save the hassle of lost shoes
You think all horses can go barefoot
other reasons-please sate at the end
Are you aware that your horses feet are a reflection of his/her diet?
Was going Barefoot successful for your horse-tick all that apply
Yes 100%
Would never go back to shoes now
My horse has rock crunching feet
Mostly good but not 100%
Good but need hoofboots still
Average results
Poor results-feet can't handle it
Can't walk on stones
Can walk anywhere barefoot
Feet crumbled and fell apart without shoes
had to return to shoes
Barefoot is not for me
My horse had brilliant traction & was sure footed
My horse moves so much better barefoot
My horse had poor traction & was stumbling
Other-please state at the end
What breed of horse was your barefoot horse? Tick all that apply
Mixed breed stationbred
Quarter horse
Draft horse breed
Other-please state at the end
Do you think that all horses can go barefoot-tick all that apply
Please tell us any other information in this box
Thank you so much for taking the time to fill our our Barefoot Survey