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Natural Horse Bitless Bridle Survey

Please fill in the survey if you have ever ridden in a bitless bridle-this is purely for research purposes as well as we love to hear about your experiences too-thanks

Have you ever ridden in a bitless bridle of any kind at any time?
Yes - please continue with the survey
No -please end the survey here thanks
What training did you do with your horse prior to riding bitless-please tick as many as apply
None-just put it on and rode off
A little ground work showing the horse the basics
Lots of groundwork developing trust
Pressure and release training-ground and saddle
Regular bitless lessons by you for your horse
A few turns in a small space while riding
Professional bitless instruction by instructor
A full structured program of Natural Horsmanship
Why did you try bitless riding-tick as many as apply please?
In a bid to correct problematic behaviour
To give your horse more freedom
You don't like bits
Your horse doesn't like the bit
To prevent injury to the horses mouth
Your horse has a mouth/jaw problem
Guidance from your trainer/instructor
You believe you don't have good hands
You worry the bit is painful for your horse
You think the bit causes breathing problems
To break tradition
Other-please state at the end of the survey
How easy did your horse transition to bitless riding?
Picked it up straight away
Needed plenty of practice to understand new device
Struggled at first but then eventually got it
Still struggling
Bad response so I gave up
How did your horse respond to being bitless?
Loved it and showed a marked improvement
No difference to the bit
Poor response-worse
Other-please state at the end
Please rate your experience of riding bitless?
Other-please state at the end of survey
Please tick all styles of bitless bridle you have previously used?
Mechanical Hackamore-with metal shanks
Rope Halter
other-please state type at the end of survey
Out of the styles above which is your preferred?
Mechanical Hackamore with metal shanks
Rope halter
Out of the materials available for bitless bridles which do you prefer to use?
Synthetic as in biothane or beta
Other-please state in the comments box at the end
How much of your current riding is bitless?
100%-will never go back to the bit
Most of ther time but have to use a bit to compete
50/50-sometimes bitless, sometimes bit
Occasionally ride bitless
Never go bitless
What do you think of your horses movement while ridden bitless?
Your horse collects beautifully only when bitless
Your horse only collects with a bit
Your horse collects either way
You're not sure about collection
Your horse never collects
Other-please state at the end of the survey
If you could compete bitless would you . . .
Never use a bit again
Still use a bit sometimes
Use a bit anyway
Please state all positive effects you have experienced through riding bitless?
Please state all negative effects that you have experienced through bitless riding
What other types of horsecare or tack have you tried -tick all that apply?
Treeless Saddles
Riding in a rope halter
Bareback pads or bareback riding
Natural Horsemanship
Tracked Grazing-paddock paradise
Natural diet with 24/7 turnout-no confinement
Barefoot trimming
100% Rugless with trees/shelter
other-please state at the end
Out of the options below which would you be willing to try? tick all that apply
Treeless Saddle
Riding in just rope halter
Bareback pads/bareback riding
Natural Horsemanship
Tracked grazing-paddock paradise
Natural diet-24/7 turnout with no confinement
Rugless with trees/shelter
other -please state at the end
Natural Horse is open minded to all forms of horse management and tack so your opinions and ideas will always be welcome-therefore feel free to add any other comments below :)
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Thankyou so much for filling in the survey -any additonal information can be sent to
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