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Tracy with Gandalf :)Nothing is as important to me as to give the horse a voice, and I do this by offering an insight into equine psychology, as to show people what is important to horses from the horses point of view. 

I promote a gentle horsemanship approach,  where the horse is our friend. 

Here at NATURAL HORSE NZ we do not oppress or force the horse in any way, shape or form and have a loud voice to anyone who does.

I personally get around 6000 enquiries every week in the form of emails, messages, texts, phone calls as well as from our FB page, mostly from people looking for help  with their horses, and whilst I try my absolute best to try to answer as many enquiries as possible, I have to be realistic, as sadly there is not enough of me to go around, so I just can't answer them all. 

And I am so sorry if I haven't been able to personally help you with your horse .....however I have written lots of articles covering a wide variety of equine related subjects, that are here for you to read for free, and will often help you directly with the exact issue you are experiencing with your equine friends, so my hands on advice is dispersed within these pages to try to help as many people as possible, so I would advise to have a really good look through the site for info on:  
*-Recommended Equine Diets 
We want our lessons to be fun for both kids and adults alike but also for the horse to enjoy themsleves too*-Equine  Psychology
*-Natural Horse-care & Track Grazing
*-Barefoot Transitioning & Support
*-Mycotoxin and Mineral Support
*-Non Invasive Tack 
*-Behaviour Problem Solving
*-Rehab Training For Rescue Horses
*-Laminitis Advice & Support
And more

The information on this website is intended to offer you written support and should not replace the advice of a registered veterinarian for your horse.

 Natural Horse NZ will not be responsible for the incorrect applications from this advice, as you are responsible for you and your equines safety.

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