NATURAL HORSE - Natural Horsemanship Equipment and Equine Relationship Training
In order to help us to help more horses, along with the people that love them, we ask that you tell us about any issues you are having with, or surrounding your horse in the form below-all names and contact info is strictly confidential and will not be used, sold or passed on to any other parties, as the information is purely for us in order to help with our research into this field.

What type of issues are you having with your horse-tick all that apply
A negative behaviour from your horse
An issue to do with your level of confidence
Other-please tell us about this later in the form
Briefly please tell us about your issue?
What temperament at this point in time is the horse you are having issues with
1-Relaxed, compliant & well trained-no issues
2-Relaxed, compliant but untrained-no issues
3-Relaxed, compliant, well trained-but with issues
4-Medium spirited,well trained with no issues
5-Medium spirited, poorly trained with issues
6-High spirited, compliant, well trained-no issues
7-High spirited, resistant, with issues
8-Fearful, traumatised, and over reactive
9-Aggressive, dominant, dangerous
10-extreme in all areas
Would you consider you and you current horse to be a good match?
Other-tell us at the end of survey
Does your horse do any of the following:-tick all that apply
Push into you or walk over you on the ground
Ignore you
Bite or nip at you
Strike at you with front feet
Kick out at you with rear feet
Charge you on the ground
head shy
small buck under saddle
big bucks under saddle
spook vilolently
over react to stimulus
become extremely fearful
is mildly herdbound
Is extremely herdbound
Jig jogs when ridden
Yanks the reins out of your hand
refuses to move
stops a lot and is hard to get going again
doesn't listen to your requests when ridden
rubs his/her face on his legs a lot when ridden
stumbles a lot when under saddle
fiddles with the bit a lot
hard to stop
other issues-please tell us at the end of survey
What level of rider would you consider yourself to be?
Level 0-not a rider
Level 1-Basic
Level 2-Intermediate
Level 3-Experienced
Level 4-Expert
What would you consider your level of skill to be on the ground with your horse?
Level 1-Basic
Level 2-Intermediate
Level 3-Experienced
Level 4-Expert
What age group are you in?
Are you male or female?
How old is your horse please?
Is your horse a mare, gelding or stallion?
What colour is your horse please?
Where do you keep your horse?
Do you use a yeast cell wall toxin binder?
Never used it
tried it once
use it during danger times only-spring+autumn
use it all the time
other-please tell us at the end
Does your horse live predominantly outdoors with other equines?
Other-tell us at the end of the survey
Do you ride bitless or bitted please?
Can you please tell us what you feed your horse-including grass & hay?
Is your horse stabled?
No, never
Yes, occasionally-for example when sick
Yes, for a portion of the day every day
Other-please tell us at the end of the survey
What breed of horse do you have?
Do you use a horse cover for weather protection on your horse?
No never
Yes, occasionally-only in extreme weather
Yes, for a portion of every day
Yes. for most of the day every day
other-please tell us at the end of this survey
Do you think your horses behaviour could be affected by diet?
What steps have you already tried to resolve this problem?
If your issue is behavioural-what steps have you taken to address issues:
Saddle issues-check saddle fit+use a corrector pad
If living alone,is your horse better with another
Diet issues, such as being toxic or grass affected
Foot issues-checked by trimmer or farrier or vet
Body issues-checked by qualified chiropractor
Mineral deficiencies-given minerals + blood test
checked if the horse same for all handlers
checked for trauma or PTS by a ethologist
Paid to use a animal communicator/psychic
Sent your horse away for retraining
Had a professional trainer come to your horse
OTHER-please tell us at end of survey
Have you lost your confidence around your horse?
Other-please tell us at the end of survey
What caused you to lose your confidence?
An accident
My horses behaviour scared me
I have a fear of horses
I live out things that can go wrong
I'm naturally a cautious person
Other-please share this at the end of survey
Please tell us about ways you have tried to restore your confidence?
Would you like some free advice regarding these issues?
What is your email address please?
What is your name?
What part of the world do you live in?
Please use this section to tell us more-or email us at