NATURAL HORSE - Natural Horsemanship Equipment and Equine Relationship Training

Natural Horse NZ is completed unfunded, with no sponsors. We fund our rescue horse operation from the sales of our gentle and humane horsemanship products  .......with a lot of the costs often coming from our volunteers own pockets.
We take on the rescue horses that nobody else wants.....the ones with extreme behavioural issues..... normally just before they are sent for slaughter.....just like Gandalf shown here...who our founder, Tracy, fell in love with and couldn't bear to part with, so he now lives here with us. 99% of horses like this are misunderstood and are looking for a voice, and we try to be that voice for them as well as teach others to learn to speak "horse" so to reduce misunderstandings between our species. One of our favourite sayings is that we have never met a "bad" horse yet...only people who haven't been taught on how to listen to them!

We willingly dedicate all of our time to helping misunderstood horses, often doing the exact opposite of everyone no punishment and no force.......offering them medical treatment and care, through gentle rehabilitation and re-training methods, along with a safe place to stay while they get over their past traumas. 

Our world evolves around horses, and we do all this for free simply because we love horses and want to do right by them, as well as help others understand these fabulous  animals 
better, as to improve horse and human relationships.
After working with hundreds of "extreme cases" over the last 10 years, we have discovered that most "rescue horses" have been dealt a bad hand with their fate normally because they have a strong opinion, and this type of horse simply refuses to just accept having their every move being micromanaged, as well as abuse or mistreatment, and so they "fight" and "resist" human domination, hence why they are often given up on as "hopeless cases" and it's this type of horse that we want to help the most...j
Our message is to be kind....kind to each other and to all animals.
We are always happy to try to assist any horse with their emotional, physical and medical rehabilitation with the use of gentle restarting methods and the use of non-invasive tack including bitless bridles and treeless shown below on Max, another one of our rescue horses.
What is amazing is that through gentle handling and a real effort to understand life from the horses point of view, even the really extreme cases can be successfully re-trained just like Max shown above.

A very famous horseman once said there is no such thing as a horse problem, only horses with people problems and he was so right......but we can help these same horses by helping their humans to better understand them, and that's what we offer here at NATURAL HORSE NZ.
Here are some photos of the horses that we are proud to have helped over the years and some of these will stay with us forever.

We find that when working with rehabilitation horses they set their own time-lines and some will be ready for a new home within a couple of weeks, whereas others can take years to get over their past traumas. So we never force anything upon them as sadly most of our horses have had enough force and punishment to last a lifetime.

SOME OF OUR RESCUE HERD BEING INTRODUCED TO A NEW RESCUE HORSETherefore we offer a place of safety and calm, where our horses can be horses, living in a large herd in as natural environment as possible, as we have found that this is what makes horses happy, as they really do need all the benefits for their mental well-being to be part of a herd :) Just like it is important to us to have a family for our support.

Only once a horse is ready, do we then offer them for adoption to loving families who can provide a good match and a forever home. 

Unlike many other horse rescue centres, we DO NOT make any profits from re-homing our horses -in fact quite the opposite-lol :) as it normally costs us a fortune..... but please be aware that they are NOT FREE to adopt either as previous experience has shown us that this attracts the wrong sort of applicants, therefore a minimum donation will apply as to go towards some of these never ending costs of doing this work, in order that we can help more horses in need.
If you would like to support one of our rescue horses,  please feel free to make a purchase from our shopping pages as can be found on this link