NATURAL HORSE - Natural Horsemanship Equipment and Equine Relationship Training

HORSES-some of our herd aswell as our customers horses too
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If you would like to add your horse to our page then please feel free to send your photo to however we ask that you respect our choice to ride 100% bitless, and therefore we will not post any photographs showing the use of bits-thanks :)

Herd life-our horses are all kept together as a herd
Missy meets toy horse at Xmas 2012Missy, our tiny miniature going to pet day in the car

Friends enjoying quality time togetherGandalf ready to go trekking 2010Gabby playing with Dash-one opf our rescue horsesOur 2 heavyweights-Gandalf and Max Max-our latest edition :)
Meike's lovely Clydie mare-called Charlotte showing off her lovely eyes with her new NATURAL HORSE rope halter :)Maramar...another of Meike's exquisite girls modelling her new halter-isn't she gorgeousWhat are you looking at?Zeus in his new treeless saddleLJ-fresh off the racetrack and saved by us from being made into dogfoodAlfie with his new paddock ballJenny riding her horse Pearl bridless in her wizard costume-absolutely brilliant :)On the balance beamNemo-our rehab pony who has so many issues bless him-he;s coming around though slowlyHappy Christmas from Mouse 2010Tracy and Mouse enjoying being Bitless on a trekAbut U
Alana and Candy playing fairy princesses-don't know who liked it more :)Tracy and Davey havin a cuddle

Handsome Nemo :) One of our rescue horsesMissy our wee falabella being very interested in our daughters toy pony whose bigger-lol :)Tina desensitizing Tig to the carrot stick and stringPoor Stu being forced to ride Magic-he's rather be on his bike bless him :) Bessy-8h rescue mini-now rehomed with an excellent new natural ownerCody the little stallion=he has to be into everythingAlana and Laddy-Bitless, Barefoot and Treeless-even in pink :)Magic- one of our rehab horses who has now ben successfully rehomed with Wendy and LanceLily and Lance-first bitless ride-it went very wellChester and Red(mini me) eating birdfoodBitless Bridles-guess he liked it Gandalf having a foot bath and a cuddle with Alana who is just 2 at the timeBeautiful Clydie crossJoanne riding Razz in his new blue halter and lead-this was one of the first times he had ever had a human on his back.Clyesdale in his new saddle-it looks so tiny on him tooCandy stood on an old rickerty bridge with AlanaNatural Horse Mother and FoalChing in her new Blue at a playdays eventBlue-with his toy ballSom of our herd catching some raysRESTING HORSE- safety, comfort paly and foodzebra with saddle- a true natural horseBoulonnais Stallion-gorgeous