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As a horse rescue centre, we are on the front line dealing daily with horse welfare issues, from starvation to neglect and abuse to severe cruelty cases all involving our beloved equine friends. 

It is extremely distressing for all involved to deal with horses suffering from these issues, and our mission is to try to be the voice of the horse, whilst continuing to improve welfare for all horses both here in New Zealand, as well as overseas.

However we have noticed that unfortunately these very serious problems are all across the country, and are not being adequately addressed in by SPCA or any other animal welfare organisations, with horses needlessly suffering due to lack of action, especially in relation to those suffering from neglect and malnutrition. 

This is due to many reasons, some of which is because most of these organisations supporting horses are under-funded, and need more staff and resources to address this growing problem....and that they have no "teeth" to to pursue prosecutions due to weak and lacking legislation to protect these vulnerable animals.

Therefore in light of this we feel there is an urgent need for our NZ government to pay for, and employ, a squad of animal welfare officers as to enforce and address the needs of  horses, as well as other animals as is used in other comparable countries such as the UK, Canada, Australia and USA.

If you agree with this plea we ask that you sign the petition below and pass this link onto all you know for signing too.

Please type your name in the box below if you support our request for a fully government funded NATIONAL ANIMAL WELFARE SQUAD, in order to address the increasing shortfalls in animal welfare incidents
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Animals are suffering right now in New Zealand
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Thankyou so much for supporting this request -we hope this will help to address shortfalls in current animal welfare legislation.
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