Natural Horsemanship Equipment and Equine Relationship Training - Company Message

Firstly the horse will always be our best teacher as no matter how many "issues or problems"  he or she has. . . .they are only trying to communicate with us through their behaviour and we as humans just need to be taught on how to translate this information in order to develop an open channel of communication between horse and human so we can help each other.

The people listed below have done exactly that for us-they have shown us how to "SPEAK HORSE" through their programs, clinics, books, homes study guides, websites or inspirational performances etc.... and whilst we might not agree 100% with everything that they do (like using bits and shoes for example) we still see them as some of our greatest inspirations and have a tremendous amount of respect for them as we believe the world of horses has been left a better place due to their involvement.

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Buck is one of the most famous horsemanship clinicians in the world right now due to his popular film "BUCK" which is about how it is to be a real horse whisperer, which is well worth watching. He has a genuine gift with horses which he relays well to others through his clinics, books and dvd's. Buck uses a horsemanship flag to desensitise instead of a carrot stick but apart fro that he's along the similar natural horsemanship vein as a lot of instructors-he was trained by the late Tom Dorrance and Ray Hunt, which shines through with his gentle approach. Highly recommended. 

Carlos is one of the next generation of real Natural Horse Whisperers. He is both engaging aswell a knowledgable with his message and style of horsemanship and equine mamangement. 
His natural way with the horse instantly captured my full and undivided attention as he is not only a very good teacher of his kind and gentle methods but his equine phylosophy of being 100% bitless and barefoot too instantly appealed to me. I found his delivery of the horsemanship lessons to be interesting, encouraging aswell as easy to understand.  We can highly recommend all of his DVD's and books and hope to have him over to New Zealand for a clinic in the near future

Clinton Anderson is a straight talking Australian NH clinicians who now runs his business from America. He has a very effective "Method" of NH which gets good results quickly and he is easy to follow. He is not always gentle with his students as he just tells it like it is but there can be no doubt that this is a man knows horses and what makes them tick and he has obvious talent for passing that info onto us through his homestudy packages and books etc...

This fella is a native American Indian and concludes that the Natural Horsemanship methods he uses have been passed down through his people for generations. He has a great way of explaining horsemanship and his DVD is easy to follow and made good sense :) He is the author of over 10 Books on Horsemanship and offers his wisdom and gentle approach throughout his teachings and his clinics held all over the US. Well worth checking out any of his material.

An exceptional horseman who talks so much sense in his horsemanship books which went a long way to bridging the gap between Natural and Traditional styles of horse training. Very informative and clear lessons from an excellent teacher-plus inspirational when you see how much fun both him and his horses are having-very highly recommended

Joe Camp wrote and directed all 5 of the Benji movies so he is used to working with animals. He and his wife Kathleen also became recent converts to horses of around 5 years ago now. Although not clinicians themselves they have invested heavily in getting the message out to horse lovers that Natural Methods are best and work well through there own success with their herd amongst others. Through reseach and sheer respect for the equine they both have accelarated their own knowledge of horses beyond most people who have had horses for 15 years or more-check out their excellent books-Soul of A Horse and Soul of a horse-Blogged-The Journey Contines-Highly Recommended reading that will open your eyes to another way to be with horses :)

Advising that even the slightest movement by either horse or human conveys powerful information, Klaus show us how to use body language to communicate with the horse. He asserts that if effective communication is established, a horse will retain all of its natural grace and elegance when ridden. Hempfling's methods are based on conventional classic horsemanship, yet are infused with refreshing holistic and spiritual principles. Highly recommended books and DVD's.

Another gentle soul who offers great wisdom both via his training DVD's but also through his factual story books that are a great read in themselves. Mark believes in passive leadership and has taught me one of the most important things with horses-which is to look for and actually reward even the slightest "try" and I will be truly greatful for this excellent information as I search for the "try" with every horse I play with in so much more detail now to improved results-thanks to Mark :)

Sylvia Scott is another American trainer with a softer approach than a lot of the men-she also encouraged me to use only ropes with loops and no snaps which I have embraced to great results. Her DVD's are informative and easy to follow and are highly recommended by us.

Pat Parelli is a born storyteller and you will either love or hate this part of his horsemanship program as he is always telling tales and anecdotes etc..., however there can never be any doubt that he is  a master clinician and his gentle but yet persuasive skills with horses are second to none.  It is well worth checking out some of the Parelli material-personally I recommend the older DVD's and Homestudy sets as I like the psychology and in depth detail of them but the new material also has it merits. I also really enjoy Pat's wife (Linda Parelli) teachings too as she is also a excellent clinicians with some great ideas.

Cynthia Royal-Riding Shadowfax (his real name is Blanco) bitless and bridlelessCynthia is the trainer of the famous horse-Shadowfax, from Lord of The Rings. She brings her own unique style of Natural Horsemanship to the page, and for me is much more woman friendly in her approach than a lot of the male horsemanship trainers...her dream, like mine, is to have a genuine relationship with the horse and her methods show you exactly how to do this. Highly recommended.

And we have many more to add when we have time to list them :)