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 We sell the Equine Fusion brand of hoof boots, because we have simply found them to be the best....

Email us to book your free fitting kit (shipping is $6.75)at

Messages are continuing to pour in from very happy users of our Equine Fusion Hoofboots....

So what's so good about them, and how do they differ from other boots....

THEY ARE A GENUINE ALTERNATIVE TO METAL SHOES THAT SAVES YOU MONEY TOO: Due to the innovative advancements in design of the Equine Fusion Hoofboots, our boots are able to provide a practical alternative to metal shoes for your horse, whilst offering improved comfort and flex to the hoof, providing protection from a wide range of surfaces, along with good traction and ease of use for the handler. They are super easy to put on and take off....with no more lost shoes, plus they last well, with users normally seeing 1-2 years from them (depending on personal style riding) saving you hundreds of dollars over the year in farrier fees for shoeing etc....

FLEXIBLE SOLE: most other boots have a flat soul, whereas all Equine Fusions can boast as having a completely flexible sole, that has been made with concavity as to accommodate your horses unique foot shape, which allows for improved feel and connection to the ground, but more importantly for your horses health they provide far superior circulation to the horses legs due to the ability to allow the whole hoof to flex too, as well as offer a better fit.

WIDE RANGE OF USES:From jumping, to dressage, or cross country to endurance, walking up rocky outcrops to wading through rivers,as well as pleasure riding, the Equine Fusion Hoofboots are suitable for a very wide range of terrains and  disciplines

EASY TO PUT ON: These are the easiest boot we have ever used to put on our horses, as they are so quick to fit, with intelligent fasteners that can be fitted in moments-see the video lower down this page for a demonstration. They fit quickly and easily just like a human sneaker.

THEY STAY ON: We have had excellent reports coming back form customers whose horses have lived in these boots for weeks at a time, and all of them are praising how good they've been even in the most extreme conditions....

EASY MAINTENANCE: All Equine Fusion Hoofboots can be washed directly in the washing machine, and even tumbled dried, saving you hours of scrubbing and cleaning as with some of the other brands of hoof boots

WIDE RANGE OF SIZES: Equine Fusions fit tiny miniatures all the way up to draft horses, with all sizes in between ranging from size 7 to size 16.

FREE USE OF OUR FIT KITS:  Our free-to-try Fit Kits, which are the rubber base plates of the boots themselves, allow customers to test for the perfect fit, with half sizings being achieved with our dampening pads that act like a human insole to offer even more cushioning whilst reducing say a size 14 as an example to a size 13.5 , as well as offering a buffer for a improved fit in between trims.


NOTE: If the heel is very under-run/low you will need to measure to the back 

Repeat for each hoof that you are buying boots for.




If the hoof is wider than it is long then you will need to choose the size that corresponds to the width. For example, a hoof that is 12cm long and 12.5cm wide would need the size 13 boot.NOTE: If the heel is very underrun/low you will need to measure to the back

Please contact us if you need help with the measurements

Please note: We can't always carry stock of all products at all times, but we place regular orders to all our suppliers, with most shipments taking between 2-4 weeks to arrive, so please allow for this. 

Please contact us for a quote for any overseas delivery which we can also offer for very affordable rates on most items


*-We advise all hoof boots to be measured prior to purchase by using one of our hoof boot fitting kits and to buy boots without this facility being used is to do so at your own risk.

*-No refunds or exchanges will be given on hoof boots orders as we bring  these in to order so please be sure of sizing's and colours etc....before placing an order. 

*-If for any reason the boots needs to be returned, all return postage fees of any item is to be covered by you please  

*-In no circumstances can we accept return items which have been used sorry 

*-Please allow up to 2 weeks for delivery of all items, or upto 4 weeks (6 weeks over xmas holidays due to supplier xmas close down) if the item has to be ordered in for you.

*-Whilst we do our best to stock all items shown, some products will need to be re-ordered from our overseas suppliers due to high demands and can take upto 5 weeks to arrive(more during xmas holiday)

*-All products shown are subject to availability and we reserve the right to send an alternative or cancel the trade if not available from our suppliers

*-Whist we do our best to send you the colours of your choice for any product, we reserve the right to send an alternative colour due to stocks.

*-Due to the fees we have to pay to credit card providers, as well as the time involved with processing orders, unfortunately we cannot cancel orders if you change your mind so please be sure this is what you want before making a purchase from this site as all sales are final.

*Natural Horse Nz will not be responsible for the loss and/or non delivery of orders to addresses supplied by customers that are not on NZ posts registered address finder shown on this link ADDRESS FINDER-which means if you supply us with an address THAT IS POSTALLY INCORRECT and your order gets lost, that will be your loss and not ours, as our couriers and shipping agents will not compensate us if this happens.

*-We fund horse rescue work through the sales of our non invasive tack items, and therefore sick or needy horses will always take precedent over the delivery of sales items so we ask for your understanding and patience as our rescue horses welfare must always come first.

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