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NATURAL HORSE ORGANIC EQUINE SUPPLEMENTS-DESIGNED TO HELP GRASS AFFECTED HORSES. As we are first and foremost a Horse Rescue Centre, we don't sell our Supplements to make profits. We sell them purely to help Grass Affected Horses as to try to prevent all horses from spiralling down into becoming one of the unwanted horses that we get offered on most days, which is part of our Horse Rescue Prevention Program.


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This excellent ORGANIC mix provides a full-sized horse with all the required minerals & vitamins for correct health for at least 15 days+ a quality PRO-BIOTIC with PRE-BIOTICS to help with gut health & digestion.

Add it to your horse's feed & will quickly start to see excellent results that not only combat rainscald but help to address grass affectedness, as well as improve all-round good health for a calmer disposition.

$17 plus shipping of $5.25 for a town address and $7.00 for rural delivery


The same great formula as above but a MEDIUM-SIZED pack

$30 plus shipping of $5.25 for a town address and $7.00 for rural delivery 


Same as above but our large packs

$58 plus shipping of $6.75 for a town address and $8.50 for rural delivery

We are always happy to keep postage to an absolute minimum so can often combine when you buy more than one item


The same great formula as above 

PLEASE NOTE:  these GIANT PACKS are only available to buy from us direct via email, at 1 bag at a time as stocks are limited due to high demands.  NO CARD PAYMENTS-BANK TRANSFER ONLY

The cost $110 plus $6.75 for town shipping and $8.50 for rural shipping within NZ-NO PO BOX OR SMALL ISLES

Small 500g Equi-Protect
EQUI-PROTECT is our own natural equine supplement that helps grass affected horses to stay calm and healthy when grazing on unsuitable grass pastures, chaffs and/or hays.

*Made exclusively for NZ conditions
*Also available as an All-In-1 mix combined with our organic horse supplement
*Dose rates for a 16h horse are just 20-30g per day so it goes a long way
*Includes natural toxin binder plant extracts to help soothe your horse's system & detox the liver 
*Can be used with our NATURAL HORSE MINERAL MIX too among most other reputable supplements

"OMG, I actually have my sane & happy horse back & the product cost half what I used to pay for a less effective version~thanks so much"

"This worked lightning fast on my previously stressed out TB & I am thrilled that not only does she have a much calmer temperament now, but her hooves have also improved 100%"

"Fantastic-love this stuff-happy horses=happy riders"

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500g Small Pack is $18 plus $5.25 town shipping and $7 rural-NO PO BOXES or Small Islands 

1KG Medium Equi-Protect
It's the same great formula as above in our 1kg pack
1kg Medium Pack is $34 plus $5.25 town shipping or $7 rural-NO PO BOXES or Small Islands

2kg Large Equi-Protect
Our larger packs  are ideal for multiple horses

2kg Large Pack is $65 plus $6.75 town shipping and $8.50 rural-NO PO BOXES or Small Islands

The same great formula as above 
PLEASE NOTE: these GIANT PACKS are only available to buy from us direct via email at 1 bag PER CUSTOMER max, as stocks are strictly limited due to high demands. NO CARD PAYMENTS-BANK TRANSFER ONLY

The cost $120 plus $6.75 town shipping or $8.50 for rural delivery within NZ-NO PO BOX OR SMALL ISLES



We have taken all the guesswork out of supplementation and developed this All In 1 formula to make life very easy for you and your horse. It combines the powerful ingredients of our Equi-Protect with our Equine Vitamin and Mineral formula to cover all aspects of nutrition and assist with keeping your horse happy and safe from being Grass Affected. 

750g Small Pack is $22 plus $5.25 town shipping and $7 rural
NO PO BOXES or Small Islands

Same as the item above but in our medium size 

1.5kg Small Pack is $40 plus $5.25 town shipping and $7 rural-NO PO BOXES or Small Islands


Our larger All In 1 bags are ideal for multiple horses and work out to be very economical too. They are ideal for a maintenance product to cover all bases in nutrition for your horse

3kg Small Pack is $75 plus $6.75 town shipping and $8.50 rural-NO PO BOXES or Small Islands

ALL IN 1 Pack

The same great formula as above 

PLEASE NOTE: these GIANT PACKS are only available to buy from us direct via email at 1 bag PER CUSTOMER max, as stocks are strictly limited due to high demands. NO CARD PAYMENTS-BANK TRANSFER ONLY

The cost $140 plus $6.75 town shipping and $8.50 rural-NO PO BOXES or Small Islands 



Unfortunately, a lot of the minerals are damaged in processing and bleaching with normal salt, so your horse misses out on all the natural benefits, whereas with this pure, organic, unrefined salt your equine benefits from receiving 84 trace minerals, and being raw, you don,t need as much so it goes a very long way-either added to your horse's feed or left as a loose salt lick in the paddock. 
Available in 1 or 2kg sizes

1KG-$12 plus $6.75 town shipping and $8.50 rural or 

2KG-$22 plus town shipping of $6.75 or $8.50 for rural-NO PO BOx or Small Islands sorry


Harpogophytum Procumbens, or Devil's Claw as it's also called, is a Herb originating from South Africa. It has been used extensively in herbal medicines due to it's anti-inflammatory, anti-rheumatic & analgesic properties. 

We have found it to be an effective natural painkiller when used with the many rescue horses we have aided with various conditions and ailments. For when treating both chronic & acute inflammatory conditions including:
laminitis, arthritis, wounds,cuts, sprains, strains & various joint issues.& more

INGREDIENTS: Harpogophytum Procumbens, Organic Glycerine, Purified Water-ALCOHOL-FREE

DOSE RATES: For best results administer in food HORSES-10-20ML TWICE DAILY-PONIES-5-10ML TWICE DAILY

Not suitable for pregnant horses or foals or for use within 24 hours of competition 

Price is $28 per 100ml bottle plus $5.25 shipping for a town address or $7 for rural delivery we are not able to send to Po Boxes or Small Islands sorry

Our remedies are not intended to replace veterinary care and if symptoms persist please to consult your animal's healthcare professional

Equi Balm contains natural plant extracts that are known for anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory ingredients.

We have used Equi Balm with a wide range of issues for our many rescue horses, as well as have received fantastic feedback from our clients and customers, who have found it to be effective at helping to heal wounds, cuts, grazes, nicks and scrapes, as well it helping with bruising, sprains, strains, muscle soreness and skin rashes, proud-flesh, sarcoids, thrush, mud fever, rainscald and many other skin conditions.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE : Apply to clean area liberally twice per day.

Aqueous cream, Pure Aloe Vera, Coconut Oil, Emu Oil, Botanical Plant Extracts and Pure Essential Oils

Please Note: Our remedies are not intended to replace veterinary care and if symptoms persist please consult your animal's healthcare professional

Available in15ml, 200ml and 500ml sizes for $11, $29 and $48 per tub plus $5.25 shipping for a town address or $7 for rural delivery we are not able to send to Po Boxes or Small Islands sorry

I absolutely love these guys at Natural Horse NZ! Not only do they help rescue horses but they also help us to help our own horses by providing us with their fabulous supplements.  Plus at much lower costs than so many others too. My horses had gone mad on green pasture grass and I was at my witts end on what to do after using what looked like a lot more expensive similar products that unfortunately only gave mediocre and temporary results. A friend loaned me a bag of the Equi Protect and I was so impressed by the immediate change to my horses behaviours that I also bought the Equi Minerals Formula too, and wow-I have never looked back-as my guys have both returned to their normal selves and are in peak conditions with strong hooves and their coats gleam with health-they are now happy horses and a joy to be ridden. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED 

Stan 13/4/2019
Well I would never have believed it if I hadn't seen it with my own two eyes. As we've had a beautiful pinto gelding for several years that we couldn't do anything with, as he was so overactive, spooking at everything and quite dangerous because of this OTT behaviour. However this all stopped, and we could see major improvements to his temperament even after the first day on these supplements! It was shocking to learn that all it took was a spoonful of these wonderful powders by Natural Horse sprinkled in his feed to turn him into the fabulous horse he has now become. Especially after all the things we have tried before that didn't work. Safe to say we will be customers for life-thank you. I can't recommend these folks or their supplements enough. 

finally after 3 years I have my healthy, happy horse back. Which is all due to the fantastic supplements we have bought from Natural Horse NZ. And at half the price that we were paying before with better results too. Highly recommend to all. 

Teresa-23/12/2018 EQUI-PROTECT
5* As always, service and products. Wouldn't use anything else for my horses. Toxin Binders etc really work. 

JODI-19/8/2018-All In 1 Formula.
Fantastic product. Thrilled with the change seen in my horses. Thanks for the trade and highly recommend 

Mely 5/8/2017-Natural Horse Equine Vit/Mineral Formula
A+++++ re the Vit/Min mix. I've been feeding your anti-inflammation diet for a few months, but only started on your Vit/Min mix a few weeks back. The rainscald on my horse's ears and face cleared up on its own since starting the Vit/Min. Brilliant. Thanks."

Paula 28/7/2017-Natural Horse Equi-Protect
My mare practically changed attitude overnight. A++ 

Kim-09/04/2016-Natural Horse ALL IN 1 mix
I was lucky to be offered a trial of the All In 1 Mix and I saw immediate improvements in health and mood with my mare. I then put my middle aged gelding on this too as I thought of retiring him as he was looking old  and wow-he instantly came back to his more youthful self, and looks incredible on this-he now has bright eyes,a willing disposition and is so much more flexible too with the included joint supplements, and his hooves are the best they have ever been , so much so that we have finally managed to go barefoot, with all the itchy skin that used to drive him nuts completely gone. If you aren't using this on your horses you should be !

Neville and Tracey 08/04/2016-Natural Horse All In 1 Mix
Awesome product. Wrapped with the results. We have our 8 friends on this - from our daughters 9hh pony to our 17.2hh hunters. Will definitely be buying again. Big thanks. 

Andrea 7th April 2016-Natural Horse Equi-Protect
The Natural Horse Toxin Binder took our horse from being flighty and spooky to calm and relaxed in a week, and the dietary advice was beneficial too-we are very happy with Natural Horse-thankyou.

Phil 31/01/2016-Natural Horse All In 1 Mix
Our older horse has taken on a new lease of life since being on the ALL IN 1 MIX, and we have seen tangible improvements to temperament, general health as well as hoof quality in all of our horses over just the last 6 weeks that we have been using it, so we are very happy with this product.

Abigail 30/01/2016-Natural Horse Equi-protect
You can smell all goodness coming from in the bag, and my horses are thriving on the mineral/vitamin formula, with their fabulous toxin binder working a miracle to keep my herd calm Xxx

Leanne 10/12/2015-Natural Horse Equine Vit/Mineral Formula
Amazing products, in the 5 years I've had my mare she has never looked as good as she does now, very impressed!!! 

Sarah 3/11/2015-ALL IN 1 MIX
"NATURAL HORSE ALL IN 1 MIX- If you haven't tried this product yet, you need to!!!!!! No skin or hoof issues, beautiful coat and nice and calm :) "

Hind 9/10/2015-Natural Horse Equi-Protect
"This is the best product on the market. My horse is on hay and no grass and it makes a huge difference in her behaviour, she's much calmer on this particular product. It really does make a difference unlike others I've tried. "

Karen 29/9/2015-Natural Horse ALL IN 1 mix
"Wow-we have found the NATURAL HORSE ALL IN 1 FORMULA to be incredible, and within a few days of using it my horses chronic skin condition totally cleared up, as well as he is visibly a calmer horse-we cannot thankyou enough, and we also enjoy the fact that all your sales support horse rescue too :)"

Louise 24/9/2015-Natural Horse All In 1 Mix 
love the Natural Horse All In 1 Mix as it's so easy to use-one scoop does it all and my horse is in the best shape of his life, with such a soft and silky coat, with all these wonderful iridescent colours coming through that I have never seen before ....he looks absolutely amazing and everyone is asking me what he is on plus he is just so cruisey now too-I can't thankyou enough for your fab products and found you to be a genuine, caring horse lover, and very knowledgeable in your field, which has helped me no end-thanks again.

Alan 15/9/2015-Natural Horse Equi Protect Binder and Minerals
"Absolutely fabulous-great supplements, great advice, great people=happy horse"

Bob 1/9/2015-Natural horse All In 1 mix
GRASS AFFECTED???I had never heard of it until I got my new horse, who went mad within days of getting him home. We did the rounds with other brands of supplements to mediocre results, and then thankfully we met Tracy at a seminar-she talked so much sense and gave us a bag of her supplements to try-within just 3 days my boy was back to normal......ACTUALLY BETTER THAN NORMAL-he was great-willing and relaxed, and after 3 weeks still no further relapse and he looks great on it too. Fab products and very highly recommend. 

Lorraine 18/03/2015-Natural Horse Equine Formula & Equi-Protect
"These products literally saved my horses life. Prior to this we were struggling with the harsh decision on whether to euthanize our TB,  as she was stiff, dull and unresponsive, and looked like she didn't want to live. Thankfully a friend recommended the NATURAL HORSE supplements , and within days of being on the equine formula and equiprotect our horse changed into the lovely horse we are enjoying riding today-who is now our best friend-we can't thank Natural Horse enough, and tell everyone about their miracle supplements."

Ange-Feb 5th 2015-Natural Horse Equi-Protect
"To say I was desperate for a solution to my over-reactive horse was an understatement-she had just gone mad. I tried all the other products to only average results and we were paying lots of money to do so you know the elleviate stuff and then Eqyiguard and Moremagnesiyum etc...but none of them came close to the NATURAL HORSE stuff, which worked really well straight away, and Tracy has been a lifesaver providing factual advice that also works. We will never, ever be without our Natural Horse Equi-Protect now-it's a truly amazing product and I have a very laid back horse, who is heaps happier in herself for using it, which makes me happy-plus it's all-natural too"

Danni-30th Jan 2015-Natural Horse Equi-Protect & Mineral Formula
"I cannot believe the difference these products have made to my horses behaviour-they have been absolutely fantastic. He was overreacting to everything he encountered and now just takes everything calmly in his stride since using the separate equi-protect and minerals/vitamin formula.  We are so grateful to have our happy horse back-thanks NATURAL HORSE."

Jacqui-8th Jan 2015-Equine Vit/Mineral Formula
"Guess what-my wacky TB isn't wacky anymore since using your products, and I could kick myself for not trying it sooner as the minerals really do work!"

Jim-5th January 2015-Natural Horse Equi-Protect
"I was a bit sceptical about grass toxins until my mare bucked me off a week before Xmas for no reason at all, and then she went all hysterical, so after a quick low down on the phone, I trusted Tracy and tried the separate binder with minerals & vit formula & I am so glad I did! My horse is back to her old calm self again, with the bonus of the rainscald she has been plagued with cleared up within a week of using this !!!! I'm a happy bloke-Cheers Natural Horse"

Debbie-19/12/2014-Natural Horse Minerals and Equi-protect
"The use of these supplements gave me the best Xmas present that I could have ever wished for which was a calm, relaxed and happy horse....thanks so much Natural Horse-Your Equi-Protect products and minerals are the best :)"

Deidre-12/11/2014-Natural Horse Equi-Protect
"OMG-this stuff is totally marvelous-it worked straight away and my horse is so much happier and calmer for it-I will never be without my Natural Horse Minerals now-thanks"

Kim-17/10/2014-Mineral Formula and Equine Protection
"We tried everything regarding supplements before we found these guys, and nothing comes close to their outstanding supplements. Plus the Natural Horse staff have been so helpful with answering all my millions of  questions. It's been very educational and I have them to thank for having my cruisey horse back to his normal self. Plus he's in the best condition of his life since using their minerals too, & all my friends horses have also experienced the same excellent results"

Dave 16/10/2014-Equine Vit/Mineral Formula
"The natural horse minerals are bloody marvelous-cheers"

Amber-15/10/2014 Natural Horse ALL IN 1 Mix
"Tracy came to my home to help me with my difficult natured horse-she handed me a bag of the NATURAL HORSE ALL IN 1 MINERALS WITH BINDER to try and said she would come back in two weeks. Well the results are remarkable-my previous stressed out ex racer has turned into a laid back dream horse. These are top products from top people. Thanx Natural Horse"

Abbey-13/10/2014-ALL IN 1 mix
"What really surprised me was how much my horses feet have improved since using the COMBINED MINERALS AND BINDER. So much so that we have been able to get rid of the shoes completely and finally go barefoot -thanks to NATURAL HORSE :)"

"Thumbs up to NATURAL HORSE for their expert supplements-we are over the moon at the excellent results we have seen in our horses-it sorted them out quickly and keeps them happy and healthy -we started off on the separates then went on to the combined products after a month-this has saved us a fortune as one product does it all. Highly recommended to all horse owners."

Ailsa-11/10/2014-Vit/Minerals and Equi-Protect
"We use the NATURAL HORSE vitamin and mineral formula along with the NATURAL Equi-protect as we have serious grass issues here, and we have been amazed at the positive effects this has had on our horses. We've used other many products before and the Graze Eazy and all that etc but this is the absolute best we have tried, and works the fastest too."

Gill-10/08/2014-ALL IN 1 mix
After just 5 days I could see the difference in my horses behaviour-After 14 days they are who there are supposed to be which is calm and peaceful. We will never be without the ALL IN 1 MIX now as it really works!

Annette-10/07/2014 Natural Horse Equi-protect
"The NATURAL HORSE TOXIN BINDER literally saved my horses life! He was worried-spooky and a nightmare to ride and 5 days into using this binder he was back to his old calm self again-we thank you Natural Horse NZ for making such a great product"

Mary-1/07/2014 ALL IN 1 mix
"OMG-I was so skeptical about using yet another supplement but this was completely different as I watched it work in front of my eyes. It cleared the most horrendous rain scald within a week and returned my horses back to premium health-very highly recommended"

Gina-22nd June 2014-ALL IN 1 mix 
"The fact that they used No fillers & No artificial colours or Preservatives etc..... really appealed to me, and that it really works too-we love this stuff and our horses are Calm and Healthy because of it-thanks NATURAL HORSE"

Lisa-2nd July 2014-Equine Vit/Minerals and Equi-Protect
"I was told that my horses fizzy behaviour was due to him being an ex-race Thoroughbred. However, this all proved false advice because as soon as I put him on the NATURAL HORSE Equi-protect and minerals he calmed down and has been great ever since and that was 2 years ago."

NATURAL HORSE NZ does not use ANY  fillers, preservatives or flavourings in any of our supplements, and all contents are 100% natural and pure, as to offer safe and effective support and protection for your horse. All of our products are safe to use with all horses, at any age from foal, to brood mare including all adult horses, in all levels of fitness and work load. 

To achieve the most effective results we recommend our products are used in the following way:

FIRST USE-use  1 bag of  our EQUI-PROTECT in addition to 1 bag of EQUINE VITAMIN & MINERAL FORMULA for the first month to provide essential supplementation to your horse's system and to reduce symptoms caused by "Grass Affectedness"

MAINTENANCE:-once your horse has the above products into his system we recommend that you then go onto the ALL IN 1 Blend after that for daily maintenance 

SENSITIVE HORSES: If your horse is very sensitive to the effects of grazing unsuitable grass pastures, or hays or chaffs-or is severely "grass affected" then we advise continuing to use of both products separately.


*We have huge demands for the above products and whilst we try to have plenty of stock available we do sometimes run out, so please allow extra time for delivery in the event this happens thanks.
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