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The truth about TREELESS SADDLES 
             By Natural Horse NZ  
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So lets quell a few myths about treeless saddles. . . . . 

1-TREELESS SADDLES ARE BAD FOR HORSES . . .it's true there are many nasty treeless saddles out there, including a lot of cheap copies of the more reputable brands ....and although these inferior fakes may initially look the same as one of the better treeless designs on a photo, they definitely are of a much poorer design and quality in the flesh, and you only have to see one close up to realise that......this is why we advise you not to use any treeless copy, as no safety checks, research or development has been done with horses with any of the copies, so you just don't know how safe they are, or what you're where is the warranty? 

A rule of thumb for us is to advise you ask where your treeless saddle is made and by whom? This will normally give you all the information you need as to calculate the quality.

Thankfully we can boast that all our Natural Rider Treeless Saddles have been researched and developed for more than 10 years by correct and professional saddle-makers, who lovingly make each one in by hand, using our unique gel core technology, in order for each saddle to be able to mould to the individual horses back for maximum comfort and unrivalled safety .....and all this is provided with a comprehensive 2 year warranty as an assurity of the highest standard or workmanship and quality of all our models.

You only need to see your horse move in a good Treeless Saddle to know that all that research and development has paid off by his superior movement, due to the freedom created by the absolute flexibility offered by our exquisite and unique saddles.....which will be available to buy here in NEW ZEALAND shortly. 

2-TREELESS SADDLES ARE BAD FOR RIDERS-well again it really depends on which brand of Treeless saddle you are using-as if it was a cheap knock off for $250 off TradeMe then I suspect that it probably won't offer you the best ride and will probably break down early, as the copies often do. Again our Natural Rider saddles are better in every way for the rider and will improve your riding ability within minutes due to the connection and "feel" offered by the saddle.

3-THE STIRRUP BAR LEATHER HOLDERS CREATE PRESSURE POINTS-yes on many of the treeless saddles these are not as good as they should be and the smaller they are the more intense the pressure points will be from the leathers and the riders weight-Thankfully again the the NATURAL RIDER TREELESS SADDLES offer one of the largest stirrup bar holders of all the Treeless Saddle brands, in order to disperse weight over a larger area-The NR also offer the slide on E Shaped safety stirrup holders too which are far superior to the d rings or square buckles and also remember that a correctly cushioned saddle pad should always be used with all treeless saddle as to offer better pressure disbursement as to evenly distribute the riders weight all over the saddle.

4-TREELESS SADDLES SLIP -because of the close contact created with the horses body from a GOOD treeless saddle, they all should to be used with a well padded saddle pad that offers an antislip backing and if not yes you will run the risk of the saddle slipping. Thankfully we have our own range of Natural Rider Saddle Pads with Comfort Padding, starting at just $120,  going all the way up to the exquisite HAFpads Saddlepads from Haf Equitation at $315, so we can accommodate all budgets. Please take note that none of our Saddles should ever be used without the use of a proper well cushioned, antislip treeless saddle pad as when no tree is present in any saddle, correct cushioning must be used  IN order to offer protection to your horses back.

5-TREELESS SADDLES CANNOT BE MOUNTED FROM THE GROUND-well to be kind to all of our horses backs it really is best whether riding treed or treeless to mount from a fence or block etc...and I'm not able to comment on other Treeless brands but our NATURAL RIDER saddles can be mounted from the ground when necessary.

6-TREELESS SADDLES HAVE RIDER WEIGHT RESTRICTIONS-yes a lot of the other brands do talk about rider weight limits of 80-85kg and I can only conclude that the structures of these saddles must be inferior due to this . . .AGAIN NATURAL RIDER have no rider weight restrictions on any of their models.

7-I NEED TO BE VERY EXPERIENCED RIDER TO RIDE TREELESS-with our NR range we have found this to be the exact opposite as new riders regularly contact us to express how much better their seat is due to being able to feel their horse and independant seats are achieved far quicker in a NATURAL RIDER saddle due to this

We have developed the NATURAL RIDER saddles over many years, taking all the positive features from all the MANY saddles which we have used over the years, and rolling it into one in order to offer every horse and rider one of the best saddles on the market today in a wider range of styles and models including western and english. More photos to come once our full range has been released.

Natural Rider Western Models-Top Quality Bufallo Leather-available soon
They are well designed and comfortable for both horses and riders alike and because of this you too can now solve all your saddle fitting issues by using one saddle FOR ALL YOUR HORSES as they fit pretty much every horse on the planet and they come in various models too . . . .

One of the best features is that they are completely flexible so they are constantly moving with your horses changing shape so whether you have a slender TB with a prominent wither or a wide draft horse and every shape in between . . . .the same NATURAL RIDER SADDLE will fit them all as they are totally flexible.

You'd never realise this from using one as they do offer a firm feel, but they flex to each horses needs due to the microscopic particles inside the saddle vibrating, which is activated by normal body heat and uniquely moulds to fit each and very horse . . .once removed from the horse they cool down and return to the original shape ready to be moulded to a different shape for another horse. 

So how's that for innovation and technology hey?  

And the other bonus it they look like a traditional saddle and nobody will be any the wiser that your riding treeless apart from your horse of course who will be much happier -that we guarantee? 

If you are having saddle fitting issues, like 90% of riders are, please ask for more information from us by emailing us on You will not be disappointed and your horse will love you for giving him back his freedom! 

Email us for details or see our shop pages for price

A CAUTIONARY WORD -please don't ever use a TREELESS SADDLE with a standard flimsy saddle pad as you will hurt your horses back....if you remove the Tree from a saddle you must have a excellent pad in place to replace that protection.

PLEASE NOTE that saddle fitting is a complex subject and if you need any help with any Treeless Saddle all you need to do is email us on as we'd be more than happy to help :)

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