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TREELESS SADDLE SURVEY-this survey is being updated so more questrions will be added soon

Have you ever ridden in a Treeless Saddle of any type(not including a bareback pad)?
Yes-please continue with the survey
No-thanks for your time-please don't continue
What was your reasons for trying a treeless saddle-tick all that apply
Saddle fitting problems
Don't like the idea of a treed saddle
Wanted more comfort and flexibility for my horse
Knew my horse wasn't happy with a tree
Wanted to improve my riding
Wanted to give my horse more freedom
Wasn't acheiving any collection before treeless
Had a young horse
wanted to see what all the fuss was about
Wanted to try it for myself
Other-add info at end of survey
Which brand of treeless saddle was this-please only choose 1 and re-take survey to tell us about others
What type of saddle pad did you use with when using a Treeless Saddle
How would you rate that particular brand of Treeless Saddle
Do you think it's fair to classify all treeless saddles together
Please explain why you think that?
If yoiu answered yes is this opinion founded on facts as you have tried all treeless saddles
Did the seller/person who loaned you the treeless saddle specify a correct treeless saddle pad needed be used
Do you think that a special treeless saddle pad was really necessary if used-tick all that apply
Yes absolutely essential for my horses protection
Yes, improved the saddle fit, comfort and safety
All saddles should be used with a good saddlepad
No, didn't do anything
No, I think it's all marketing hype
Other-please tell us at the end of auction
Was correct users instructions and support given when you bought a treeless saddle
Are you aware that you need to girth up any saddle in 3 stages to ensure the correct fit
Did your horse seem happier in this treeless saddle
Was the same as any other saddle
Ddi you find the treeless saddle brand better or than previous treed saddles you had used
other-explain at end of survey please
Which is your preferred brand of treeless saddle from those listed
Please tell us any extra info here-good or bad.....
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