Natural Horsemanship Equipment and Equine Relationship Training - Company Message

We appreciate there is nothing “natural” about horses ever being with humans, especially after we have used them as a primary source of food for our own needs for many thousands of years. 

So I hope you will all realise what a huge privilege it is for your horse to allow us to ride on their backs and therefore we feel that it is only fair that we listen to their needs rather than forcing our constrains and ideals upon them, no matter how good our intensions.    
Tracy With Gandalf
After many years of studying the various methods of horse care and riding options along with working with abused and emotionally damaged rescue horses for rehabilitation, it is our conclusion that all domestic horses are far happier in general in as much of a natural environment as possible and we can mimic that lifestyle for our horses without any of the downsides such as predators or them having to starve to death.    

So with this in mind, we ask you to take this into consideration when managing your horses care at home and when riding.      

Therefore we promote these easy, practical and everyday methods that can be used at home, when grazing or when out and about, as a key to success with the WHOLE HORSE in a bid to give him or her what they need rather than what we want to give them.     

However please remember not one of these aspects will work alone!   

For example-a good barefoot trim is not the answer to having an excellent barefoot horse and any good barefoot trimmer will tell you that hoof horn only grows as good as the food that is fed into your horse himself and that must be of the correct and natural type of diet that he has evolved to eat-again not that we want to give him.    

GrassUnfortunately this means in reality that within most of New Zealand, your horse cannot be left on full time pasture, as ryegrass is not a NATURAL FOOD for horses-it DOES NOT offer safe nutrients as it can and does kill many horses throughout NZ every year through laminitis, staggers and colic induced illnesses and sadly many other also perish which are not realised by the owners to be grass related.   

So with this in mind Natural Horse promotes an all round Natural approach to all aspects of the horse from restricting grass but allowing 24/7 turnout by tracked grazing (not strip grazing) to bitless riding and barefoot trimming, being rugless without clipping using shelter to regulate and adapt to correct temperatures as well as living with other horses is an absolute must and anyone who has a horse alone needs to realise that horses need others of their own kind for peace of mind just like we do.   

Another critical aspect of natural horse care is how we communicate with our horses including their training and therefore we promote the use of equine psychology as a practical and fair way of educating these wonderful animals in a language that they understand, along with the gentle use of non invasive tack in order to encourage a healthy and fair partnership between horse and rider. 

I hope we have encouraged you to at least think about some of the above topics that we have mentioned as you might want to consider a more Natural lifestyle for your horses too-we guarantee they will improve in both health and behaviour plus they will thank you for it :)   

Please read through our pages for more information on Natural Options or email us for advice as we're always happy to help.  Keep It Truly Natural-Tracy from Natural Horse