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Here's two of our draft horses hanging out by our shaded area.

We were lucky to have our tack room in the right place to be able to add our shade sail to it but you can also make these with a back and sides on for between $300 to $500 depending on how many sides and posts you need. They are so easy to do too-and work well to provide much needed shade for all animals in our intense New Zealand summers, as well as can work well as a wind break too.

To make-Just dig 4 holes into the ground about 900mm deep, then put your post in the centre of each hole, leveling it with a spirit leveler to make sure it's straight, and adding a small wooden frame around it to keep it in place whilst you add about 3 bags of concrete to each post and fill with water -leaving it till it sets-making sure to keep everyone and all animals away from it in that time.

Posts start at about $25 each from your local timber merchant who often will delivery for a small fee too, plus post mix at around $15 per bag. Then add tarpaulins/or shade sails to the top, back and sides as you prefer-tarps costs between $10-$15 each-with shade sails at around $55 for a 3 x 2m size.......try not to use black or dark colours for the backs and sides or will look like a cave-so the lighter the better. Trademe and the Warehouse sell these with perhaps another $30-$40 on fittings and screws to mount the tarps to the frame etc...and there you go for a cheap but efficient field shelter that all your animals will thankyou for :)

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