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I've been meaning to tell you all about this fantastic breakthrough we had with one of our rescue horses last week. 

Laddy is 20 year old 11.2h welsh mountain pony-he's not a big fan of people as he was treated badly in his past and his behaviour reflects this, and although he is very good with my daughter he has never in the 6 years he's been with us liked to be touched or scratched and he even bit me once to state his displeasure at me trying to find one of his itchy spots . . . . .

So I have always respected his wishes and don't normally bother . . . . until last week when I noticed he was scratching his neck on our gate . . . so I tried to help him with this and guess what . . . . . .after all this time he finally let me scratch him . . . .and absolutely loved it . . . . his lip was pulling goofy faces and he even he groomed me gently with his teeth and we had a good old scratchy session . . . . .and he can't get enough of this now . . . .asking for more whenever I see him . . . . .my arms are actually aching I have been scratching and grooming him by hand so much. It's great.

This was absolutely amazing to me that it took all this time for him to trust me . . . .6 YEARS! WOW!

So this sent me off on thinking that Nemo . . . .one of our more challenging rescue horses who had made little progress in the 15 months that he had been with us was only just warming up to people again . . . . .so I tried again to make some progress with him and yep . . . .you guessed right there aswell . . . . .he also did great. We popped the halter on and the 12ft line and he willingly joined into one of our clinics over the weekend . . . .this might sound like an easy thing but this horse is one of the most extreme fear driven horses I have ever worked with so this was huge and it worked-yay. Thanks for the heads up Laddy-as always-horses will always be our best teachers hey