NATURAL HORSE - Natural Horsemanship Equipment and Equine Relationship Training


As some of you may know, I recently suffered an accident that has left my dominant hand mangled and pretty useless.....however being a determined sort of person, I continue to find ways to still keep playing with my horses...... although with ropes and tack this does cause me great difficulty at the moment.

Not being one to give up easily, and after already having success with some of our individual horses at Liberty , I decided I would give myself a challenge and see how it went to play with all 6 horses offline.......

And it was fantastic.....

This was not a lightweight task as there are pecking order challenges as well as various approaches that are required to meet each individual horses needs when you have 6 horses ranging from 
GANDALF-grey -a huge drafthorse-rehabilitated rescue horse-my own riding horse and forever soul mate
MAX-Big bay Clydie cross-rescue horse with severe ridden issues in progress with rehabilitation training-permanent resident, 
DASH who is our chestnut TB-rescue horse in rehab training, 
NEMO-bay 14h Kaimanawa pony -rescue horse-paddock mate only & permanent resident, 
LADDY our 11,2h welshie-permanent resident
MISSY-Tiny 5h Falabella-rescue horse in training-permanent resident

But I was very pleased on how much fun we all had and on how well they all behaved ......and I did join up with 6 horses at the same time which was fabulous Although initially at the start of this session the herd was unconnected and scattered, after a little relax time, they all participated willingly and offered me some amazing stuff.....including Collection, Jumping Barrels, Climbing onto Pedestals and 3 good paces as a herd....and all from the flick of a finger too:)

Again I learned heaps from this experience and look forward to telling you about our next session soon:)