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We are so very thankful to have this extraordinary life here in New Zealand with our horses  .....and I continue to smile at every equine encounter I experience...........

This is our tiny miniature horse with my daughter Alana-she is called Missy-and she attended my daughters school pet day this morning-in our My neighbourhood already think I'm this crazy horse lady anyway, what with all those strange obstacles in our paddocks and riding in halters etc....and this proved them totally right-he he 

Seriously though, Missy was a total star and was the very best good will ambassador to encourage people to learn about horse psychology through her positive behaviour, despite being jumped on and ran at by hundreds of high energy kids throughout the day, and even when she was lunged at by several big scary dogs she remained a pinnacle of calm.....she looked to me for leadership and protection as she knew I would keep her safe and was absolutely fabulous I'm a so very proud of both my little girls today-Thanks so much Missy and Alana