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When I was a little girl, like a lot of you, I dreamed of having a genuine connection and partnership with my horse.....that was based on mutual trust and respect....and I wanted him to love me too of course :)                                                                                    
I am very blessed to be able to have that with most horses I meet...including my own herd...all to my total delight :) :) I am fortunate to be able to ride bridless as our bond and trust is strong....but no part of that involved forcing any of my horses to do anything....

I ask and because I have learned what is important to them and put their needs before my own-they happily oblige ....and those is why I run this site and continue to rescue horses...and you can all have that dream....but you have to be very dedicated to make it happen.....

Gabs with Dash.......such good friendsThe dream includes setting your horse up for success so the right diet with protective toxin binders and essential natural minerals, the right approach to the horse with kindness and understanding of his needs (so no lunging-lol), the right tack...which is polite and non-invasive…..which is Bitless of course , as true friendship doesn’t involve using metal bars in our mates mouths, and the right living conditions with plenty of turn out time, which definitely includes at least one other horse for your horses sanity.

Throw in a well-developed and ultra-comfy treeless saddle and ditch the metal no circulation shoes for a good barefoot approach ..........and that is your recipe for living the dream with horses….

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