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I am really pleased to be promoting the excellent and fun sport of Horse Agility within New Zealand, and thought I would share with you on how to make some obstacles. This post is about the Hoop.

The lengths and heights stated below depend on the size of the horse your hoop is being built for-we have minis to draft horses so went for the biggest size as to fit the big fellas.

You will need
2 x wooden rods about 8ft high and broom handle thickness -these cost bout $15-$20 for pair
1 old flexible rod such around 7ft long-we used one from old dome tent pole -also available as a cloche pole from Mitre 10 $20
15m of 65mm diameter of corrugated drainage tube-we used Novacoil which cost $75 again from our local Mitre 10 for a full length.

1-Hammer in the 2 wooden rods with enough room for your horse to pass between them and cover with 2 separate pieces of drainage pipe
2-Drill a hole at the end of each rod and insert the flexible rod  to make an arch-covering with drainage pipe to meet the pipe on each side-you will have to fish to find the 2nd rod end to insert in the end and it should now look like the photo
3-cut off 2 small pieces of corrugated pipe about 20cm high and slice in half to make 2 clips to hold your jump in place as shown

and there you have it :)

See our HORSE AGILITY PAGE for more information on this fun Sport both Internationally and within NEW ZEALAND