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My daughter Alana, giving our big Gandalf a scratch....he adores her and her scratches  Amazing what can be donw with a throwaway rescue horse hey? Never give up on them as they can be saved unless its medical of course.
Look at my daughter, Alana, with our big draft horse, Gandalf....They have a very special friendship these 2...... and I'm tearing up just thinking about the journey we have all been through since we rescued Gandalf back in 2006. 

I know I'm such a big softie-lol . 

We've had many high and lows since that time, and we have learned so much from him, and because of him, as I had to grow into the horse woman he needed me to be in order to help him.
Alana reassuring Gandalf that it was going to be ok while he had his footbath due to abscesses-she was only 2 years old here
It was Alana's innocence and kindness, when she was just a toddler, that showed me the first glimmer Gandalf still had some kindness left in him, as he was down right nasty and dirty with all the adults at the start of our relationship, which I now know was his defence of his previously horrific treatment from people.

He has always been my greatest horsemanship challenge and even after dealing with hundreds of horses since then-nothing has ever come close to how scary and dangerous he was back then-he wasn't shy about voicing his opinion about humans either with a charge, strike and a bite too ....and he threatened me often at the beginning.

Gandalf and Alana....he let her feed him one single blade of grass....and was so gentle Nothing prepares you for when a 950kg pissed off draft horse wants to kill just have to , as the first priority is to live to help another day. 

These days Gandalf is a complete equine soul mate-words cannot express how much I love this horse and I know the feeling is mutual  I trust him completely and am so thankful that I found him  Also bigs thanks to my lovely Alana.....who continues to make me so very proud.

We would love to hear your special story with your horse if you're up for sharing