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It won't be long before we get into the cold and wet winters here in New Zealand, so I thought I would share our idea for a cheap and easy lean to or field shelter as they are sometimes called.

Ours cost about $300 and was made over a if you make it less than 10sq meters in size you don't need a permit either.
So we put ours up against our food room and managed to get away with using only 2 posts for the frame, but most of you will need 4 posts for the main supports-you want the chunky square posts as shown-h treated at about $25 per post-we dug our holes and sank these in with a easy product called post-crete. which is a powdered concrete that you sprinkle around the post and just add water to it-it sets firmly after 24 hours and no need for the mess of concrete mixing :)

The roof was around another $100 for the trusses, and the sea through uv roof sheeting was around $25 for 4 sheets from our local diy store.

We feed under ours and the horses come in and hide from the sun and rain under you can see Max is pretty impressed with it, as are we.

So the next time you want to buy a rug-collect your materials over a few weeks or months to make it more affordable and put one of these up instead-your horse will thank you for it :)

Tracy from