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MAGNESIUM-is it a rip off and a doping agent?

MAGNESIUM-is it a rip off and a doping agent?

No doubt the Billion Dollar Equine Supplement Industry will have my head on the block for sharing this with all of you, but I wanted to get to the nitty gritty facts about this untruthful myth regarding magnesium being the holy grail of minerals for horses, as it is simply untrue!

We have spent many thousands of dollars on researching minerals and many years of scientific study, and our findings go against the grain of many others.....

Magnesium is one of the most accessible minerals within our paddocks and is found in most equine foodstuffs, including grass, chaffs, hays and pelleted feeds. It's actually pretty rare for a horse to deficient in magnesium as many others would have you believe, but it does happen occasionally....and we definitely agree that magnesium needs to be part of your horses diet........but we especially advise against feeding magnesium ON ITS OWN, as it must be delivered to the horse with a combination of other minerals, least of all calcium, in order to be utilised properly by the body, but more importantly the brain to see a Calm, Healthy Horse.

So with all this in mind-why does nearly every horse owner believe their horse needs a magnesium supplement........the sad facts are because the billion dollar supplement industry wants your money -it's honestly that simple!

The honest truth is that your horse doesn't need straight magnesium-unless you want to sedate him anyway! 

The reason a lot of horse owners like it is because it appears to calm your horse down, whereas the truth of the matter is that it's simply sedating him and all those behavioural issues, including his bodies need for balanced minerals, will still be there when it wears off.

Plus a magnesium sedated horse will often fight his mental impairment due to the threat of a prey animal being unable to flee and when he does finally get on adrenaline he will often go loopy as the magnesium can fry his nerve endings when applied without calcium, which makes him spook and shy more easily because of this so it really is a double edged sword. 

Another very upsetting feature of this MAGNESIUM worship is the sheer profiteering that goes on with this. You see I buy wholesale minerals for our own COMPLETE EQUINE SUPPORT SUPPLEMENTS, so I know what magnesium costs wholesale IN ALL OF ITS FORMS, and what these companies charge you guys for it is daylight robbery, with some of them making over a 1000% profits and more!

So our advice is to feed your horse an all-round organic, natural mineral supplement that includes a combination of essential minerals which will act as a Balance to help him have a healthy mind and body, which can then be communicated with for your partnership.

Our own affordable supplements/minerals offer just that and the results are impressive as shown here with Dash, one of our rescue horses, which was over just a few weeks of using it.

We make around $6 per bag from our supplement,  which goes to help our rescue horses like Otto, Max and Dash as shown here, and towards further research into the field of mineral deficiencies and toxic grass issues and can be found on this link:

Spread the word and share with all you know as this robbery and smoke and mirrors has gone on for long enough 

This article was written to help you have a healthy partnership with your horse.