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I wanted to let you all know how the lovely Otto is doing . For anyone who isn't aware-Otto is our most recent severe behavioural case, which we took on a couple of months ago. He's the big Clydie shown here with the larger white face, next to Max, who is another of our larger rescue horses. 

Otto is a very extreme case and is scared to death of everything... especially people, making him extremely dangerous, as he is so suspicious, taking innocent actions the wrong way and has been known to over-react from his perception of fear due to this.

I don't want you to think he's a bad horse as I don't believe there is such a thing, as we have had hundreds of excellent and positive interactions with Otto and just 1 single negative incident so far, ...but please understand his behaviour is all borne out of fear from what has been done to him in his past by people. 

Unfortunately this is a typical displaced behaviour created due to his post traumatic stress at traumatic incidents from his past, and I can already see he has a real worry reaction from being gelded and sadly we see it a lot of this in our male rescue whenever i attempt to go anywhere near that area he completely panics bless him, which is very distressing to witness. 

However the good news is that in a few short weeks he is now the first to come when called and likes to hang around the house or office waiting for me as he likes to be near me and he adores my daughter Alana, which is a big improvement and a great compliment which makes me feel very humble.

He also loves his ears being scratched which he didn't trust me to do at first and I can see improvements in his views about me and people in general are already improving. 

Another reason Otto is no longer so worried is because he and Max have become great friends and are completely inseparable...which is so lovely to watch, and this provides Otto with the confidence he so desperately needs. Its always about the horses for me, so not for a moment am I going to try to separate these two beautiful souls as Otto so needs the security of the herd at this stage of his rehabilitation, and there is no-one better than Max to show him the way.

Max can teach Otto a lot about learning to trust people again as he had suffered terribly at the hands of a complete brute of a man before he came to us, and had been previously a very misunderstood and dangerous horse himself, due to being simply terrified of everything because of rough handling and mistreatment in his past....though thankfully just like Otto he has been loved by some good people too 

Max was exactly where Otto is only last year as for not wanting to be near humans, so he has learned from us that we aren't his enemies, and has turned into such a lovely horses, who everyone adores as he's such a total sweetie these days. We absolutely love Max, and he has grown to trust me with his life, as I do him....and has a home for life here with us 

This is the reason I work my backside off-as its always about the horses for me 

From us all here at NATURAL HORSE NZ, including Otto-a big thanks to you all, as without your unfoundering support through buying our products and tack we couldn't do any of this