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This is our herd running to meet me when I entered the paddock earlier on. Gandalf is stood by my side already waiting for everyone to catch up. 

I dreamed of having this sort of relationship with horses when I was a horse-mad little girl, and it still blows me away to be able to have horses react so well to me like this, though its not a natural gift but what I have learned from the horses themselves.
If my dear Dad was still alive, rest his soul, he would recount endless stories of me bringing all manner of waifs and strays home as a girl, in the form of cats, dogs, otters, horses, pigs, hedgehogs, ducks, cows, sheep etc....and how he used to roll his eyes at everyone of them-lol .

Which would be ok if we lived on a farm but we lived in a 2 up and 2 down house on a council estate in Yorkshire-lol  

The relatives all tell me I learned to walk on the family german shepherd so I guess some of it is in the blood  I've always been an animal lover and activist for their rights....and feel very blessed to have this amazing life helping horses and the people that love them. 

For anyone who is looking for help on how to improve their relationship with their horse, please have a good look through our website as there is lots of free articles, advice, hints and tips. Plus I can be contacted directly via the site as I am always happy to help horses and the people who love them