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PUTTING THE RELATIONSHIP 1ST: One of my clients asked me earlier today about this Trophy and if I'd won it? 

I explained that when my daughter, Alana, was about 5 years old, that I had the Trophy made for her for putting her ponies needs above her own. 

This came about as we were attending a pony club games day with her pony, Laddy, where we've always ridden bitless, but on this occasion the pony club instructor asked my girl to ride Laddy in a bit, and told my daughter that she was basically the best in her class and was nearly assured of 1st place in a small competition if she was willing to do this, but PC rules wouldn't allow her to enter bitless.

I explained to Alana that it was her choice to decide, and although she was super excited at the prospect of gaining a ribbon, she refused to put a bit in her ponies mouth, and missed out because Laddy's comfort was more important to her than her own wants. 

I cannot express to you how proud I was of my little girl that day 

Here they are now-5 years further on. Alana has grown a bit big to ride him these days as she is 10 now and getting tall, but they still have a beautiful friendship and he adores her.

And we all continue to put the relationship with our horses first :)