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My inspiration to write horse related articles on our blog often comes from what is happening around me at the time with horses thanks to several questions that I have received today from the public, this made me want to share this with you all now as to save many horse lovers some tears, worries, vet and medical bills and so on..... including saving you all some money too.

For anyone on here who knows me, you will already be aware that I am not a money orientated person, and my intentions,as always, are to simply help the horse as a species, and as an individual in any way I can, so money doesn't drive me.

And in keeping with that, I give a huge amount of my time for free to help people with their horses, as to carry out our mission statement which is....


But it pains me a lot to learn how much others sometimes cash in on our need as horse lovers to do the right thing for our horses, and today I especially want to draw your attention to TOXIN BINDERS or MYCO-TOXIN BINDERS as they are sometimes called...

So to set the record a leading researcher into this specific area, I can verify right now that if the TOXIN BINDER that you buy does not contain a YEAST CELL WALL EXTRACT, that you might as well throw it down the toilet as it is NOT EFFECTIVE for your horse, if this vital ingredient is missing!

I interact with so many people daily, who have paid good money for TOXIN BINDERS to use on their horses that simply aren't working....and then this causes confusion into the treatment of toxins, as people think it can't be toxins that are affecting my horses negative behaviour as he is on a binder!

I will guarantee that every single horse in New Zealand, whether they live on a full time grass pasture or in an arena and is hay fed, and everything in suffering from some form of toxin induced behavioural there is no way NOT to feed your horse toxins as they are in everything from grass, to hay, and chaffs, and pelleted feeds etc...including being airborne in pollens and seed heads too...

And I assure you that having your horse on a GOOD TOXIN BINDER will make all the difference to his behaviour, health and happiness, as toxins cause our horses pain in their body and confusion in the mind, and therefore dangers to their riders a toxin binder is essential these days for all horses.

Now whether you buy your Toxin Binder from us here at NATURAL HORSE NZ, or elsewhere is not my I said before we are not money oriented here.......and make very little from our binder sales, but having the info behind you about the yeast cell wall ingredient being the necessary key to effectively plugging the dangerous mycotoxin hole for you horse please be aware of this.... and don't listen to the sales hype sold by others cashing in on your equine clays, probiotics, enzymes, natural biopolymer and all the other ingredients they are trying to sell to you only work to bind toxins if that all import yeast cell wall extract can effectively absorb the mycotoxic cells. 

I sincerely hope this will help you make an informed decision on what binders to use, as well as saves you all some money, time and worry, as well as helps your horse :). 

I can confirm that our Myco-Toxin Binder is one of the most effective binders in the world and does include a Yeast Cell Wall Extract.

Thanks for listening :)

Tracy at Natural Horse NZ :) :) :)