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Black Beauty's Author

A post earlier prompted me to write this piece about Anna Sewell.

For those wondering about this name.....
Anna Sewell is the famous author, who wrote Black Beauty back in the 1870"s. 

Anna was a true champion of horses for her time, and pleaded for a more humane treatment of horses, including that the bit be banned to a lot of the governing bodies of her generation. 

Unfortunately she was a cripple after an non-horse accident in her childhood, which left her unable to walk more than a few steps, so she had her beloved carriage horses to help her get around, which is where the inspiration for black beauty came from. 

Surprisingly despite her pleas, riders are still not permitted to ride at a lot of events bitless even nearly a 150 years later...including some pony clubs, polocross, and dressage is particular stuck in the ways of the bit too. 

I can only image what a different outcome the horses world, and care towards horses in general, especially through both world wars, would have been for the past 140+ years if her bitless campaign had been successful?

I also wonder if she realised the bitted/bitless debate would still be raging on, still dividing riders over a century later?

Sadly Anna died just 5 months after Black Beauty was published in 1878.

I for one am eternally grateful for the men and women like Anna, who went before us to ask for more humane treatment of horses  

RIP Anna Sewell-your light shines on for the horses you fought for in this site for sure.