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We have a black bird who has nested in one of the field shelters, who has 2-day old chicks to feed.....she comes here every year ....and we always watch how she does.....she is the hardest working mum I have ever seen.

Last year she lost all of her first clutch of chicks to one of our rescue wild cats, and she still went on to raise another 4 chicks successfully with a bit of our help....

I'm in awe of this little birds sheer determination and will, as despite over whelming odds against her chances of success, she still manages to do the very best at what she knows...and even though she is such a small cog in the wheel of life, she is as important to this planet as any of us, and always has my total admiration.

But unfortunately this morning, our youngest cat, Jynx,went and caught this wonderful mamma blackbird  

He actually had her in his mouth, with a feather explosion all around him...... I was absolutely mortified to see this, and although i adore Jynx...I didn't like him very much at that moment in time:(

Thankfully I spotted this within moments of it happening, and I managed to rugby tackle the bird from the cats jaws, with the cat savaging me in the process, and then the bird pecking me to death. So much for a thankyou Mrs Blackbird hey-lol 

This was a horrible thing to happen..... and yet the rescue had become a comedy of errors all at the same time 

I checked the blackbird over and she was battered .... but she still managed to fly off. All i could do was plead with the powers that be that she would make it.......

So I sat in the paddock waiting to see if the blackbird would return to her chicks....which sadly it didn't happen.........

And I started thinking about life as I a really great local lady had lost her battle with cancer on Wednesday, which had saddened me beyond she had left a husband and 2 fabulous young daughters behind......... then I thought about the circle of life, and death, and horses, and birds, and cats, and all that....but also about the sad loss of my beautiful equine soul mate last month called Gandalf, and at that I just couldn't stop the tears from flowing.
Then 2 really great things happened....

Max, our big clydie cross rescue horse, came over and started fussing all over me.....I was sat down so he towered over me as groomed me first, and then exchanged his breath with me, and picked my hair up....and then snuffled my face with his huge soft mouth....he truly is a very big horse, yet he was so very gentle with me......and it was so lovely for him to do this..... i felt very humble in his presence.........and knew from this fabulous interaction that he was wise beyond my human understanding....... 

A few minutes later and the whole herd showed up to show me the love....they all surrounded me, and also groomed me and each other.........we sat there for around half an hour, and i didn't want to move for fear that this special moment would was absolutely incredible....and I felt blessed to be welcomed as part of their herd like this.

Most of the horses in our care have suffered horrendously in their past, and Max has had unspeakable cruelty bestowed upon him, yet there he was showing me his kindness.....for no other reason than that he cared.

Then to top it all the mamma black bird flew back to the nest as me and the herd all watched that made me smile 

It maybe just the sentimental prattlings of grief affecting me, and i will never know for certain..... but it just looked to me that the whole herd was extremely happy about that too 

Tracy at Natural Horse NZ