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This is Neems-who is one of our rescue horses....isn't he gorgeous.....

He's been here at the centre for a few years now, and is a permanent resident due to his extreme unfortunately we have made very little progress with him as he is absolutely petrified of people, and sadly no matter how far we come with him, he quickly reverts back to his previous terrified state as soon as the halter is he is an intensely complex little fella with many issues.

There is no doubt about the abuse and harsh treatment this poor pony has received prior to coming here, as his behaviour is a direct reflection of just how harsh a life he has had,and the high trauma levels show just how much he has suffered in the hands of harsh handlers, as well as we have received a lot of reports from many people who knew of his tragic past this little man has unfortunately endured some serious brutality...and it shows.

This means Neems is very unpredictable and super scared of everything, which makes things like trimming his feet, or administering medications etc...a real challenge, as he is so skeptical we are going to hurt him, like others have done in his past....which we understand.

We have thought we may have to put him down several times over the years as he has developed metabolic issues as he has got older which are probably due to neglect in his past, so he has to be kept completely off grass which is no fun for him, however he has his friend little Missy as his grass-free paddock buddy which helps...and recently he has had foot and leg issues due to all this too.

But I'm pleased to report that today everything changed, I put everything I knew into trying to communicate with him this afternoon, as a last ditch attempt to save him before hard decisions have to be made due to his metabolic issues.........and he really connected with me and gave me the best Xmas present I could ever ask for.....which was his trust. 

In a complete turnaround he actually handed me his hooves to be trimmed...which was incredible, and allowed me to touch him and groom him all over too which is a major break though...I even took him for a walk to the neighbours, through paddocks of strange horses etc... with our herd calling at him(see 3rd photo)-and even with all that he was still so good, and he continued to just look to me for assurances which are shown in his fantastic expressions on these photos  Man I love, love , love this job.....and nothing gives me more pleasure in life than helping horses just like Neems 

Happy Xmas Everyone, and Thanks Neems-you made my day, my week and even my year 

Tracy Xxxxe