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For new people to this site......It's been 7 weeks since I lost my equine soul mate (the big and beautiful grey) to the horrific condition known as spasmodic colic.....this has been devastating to say the least.

I cannot express the chasm of a hole Gandalf's death has left in my life, as I loved him with every ounce of my being, and it completely breaks my heart every day not to have him in here with me....I do sometimes think the grief of his loss is too much to bear....but the horses and people in my life keep me busy and get me through..... which helps. 

One driving aspect that always motivates me is to share the fabulous lessons Gandalf so generously shared with me with other horses and their carers, as more than ever I realize it is the most wonderful gift he could have ever left for me, and I'm so grafeful for it 

It's because of all that Gandalf taught me that I have been able to help Otto (bay clydie shown),who was another big and behaviorally challenging horse.....

So I have applied everything I know to Otto's rehabilitation, and I'm pleased to let you all know that he is coming around so well.....he even came to see the vet yesterday , which is a major break through, and then today.......

Well we had a little ride   ......and he went absolutely fabulously for me too-whoo hoo   

I didn't ask for much as it's still early days-so we just had a little walk around the paddocks with me riding bareback in a halter....but he was so good....and the whole herd followed......including the cat-lol  

I'm still a little worried about his back as he felt so tight in the lower area, and I would like to get a body specialist out to see him about this shortly....but I genuinely don't think he would let them touch him just yet as he is still skeptical and resistant of strangers....

But soon....

Otto has been the most fabulous healing light to me along with my other horses, to which I am extremely grateful-thanks to Otto, and the herd...and all of you folks too, as your overwhelming kindness is helping me get through this very challenging time while I mourn my beautiful equine friend.

RIP GANDLAF-your leading light shines on big fella-
Tracy from Natural Horse NZ