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For new people to this site we wanted to introduce you to Missy-who is one of our resident rescue horses......

Missy is a falabella breed of miniature horse, and is exceptionally small at just 5 hands a tad bigger than a german shepherd dog to give you all some size perspective of her.

However she makes up for her size with her larger than life personalty  

Sadly Missy has suffered terribly in her past, and been brutalized in the most horrific of ways prior to us taking her on......but thankfully this little package has the heart of a lion , and is a real a fighter, and despite a skeptic start of her view of people in general, which was fair enough after all she had been through, she has been rehabilitated with patience and kindness into being one of the best natured little horses you could ever want to meet.
Missy seen running with one of our draft horses..she has the heart of a Lion
Missy is now brave, inquisitive, charismatic and exuberantly playful....she works fantastically with children, and has a special gift for those with special needs......who she actively seeks out for cuddles......and despite her past, she has such a special gift for giving back...she is one in a million. 

Sorry folks but I' tearing up talking about her she really has been to hell and back and come out stronger than ever for it.

And yes I know I'm a big softie-lol 

Safe to say we are very privileged to have Missy in our lives and hope you will enjoy seeing her adventures with us through these pages.....