NATURAL HORSE - Natural Horsemanship Equipment and Equine Relationship Training


We spend a lot of our time behind the scenes liaising with people who want to give us horses for rescue, and with people who are looking for a horse...

Just last week we arranged for 7 horses to go to new homes

We donate minerals, toxin binders and feed, as well as send most of the horses to their new homes with a brand new rope halter and lead rope, and Bitless bridles and reins we know the horses have correct and comfortable tack to set them up for success with their new families 

And we also often help with floating and transport too......and I give a lot of free lessons too in order to help people with their horses, as well as to try to prevent any of them from spiralling into a rescue horse in the first place. 

So it's always go here ...

We fund 95% of this directly through selling our quality horsemanship products, and therefore want to thank many of you for your kind participation in helping these horses too, as every purchase you make from us helps us make a difference to a horses life 

We also want to thank everyone of the new owners for opening their hearts and homes to a rescue horse 

May all your horse days be happy 

Showing Max and Otto - 2 of our resident rescue horses 

Tracy from Natural Horse NZ