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I spend a lot of time coaching people to be better passengers for their horses to carry (you will notice i didn't say to become better "RIDERS" as I personally have never found riding in the traditional sense, to be a true skill....after all it's just not falling off-lol  )..... but being a better passenger means you are acutely aware of your horses needs and the biomechanics of your body on his, and this is how Harmony between the two bodies of horse and human is reached.

And this fabulous photo shows a lot of what I'm aiming for with my body to help to steer my horse and to teach to my students...

Notice how this bridleless rider-a Mr A. Mylius with his Irish TB in 1940, is using his body to direct and steer his horse..... 

His eyes are focussed where he wants to go, and his waist is steering the horse to where he is looking-OMG i wish i could have met him as I dream of having riders like this....and the bottom line here folks is so does your horse!


Because horses are all about "FEEL" & "TIMING" so your horse can "feel" where the rider wants him or her to go....all without the need to use any reins.

Absolutely Brilliant 

Thanks Mr Mylius for the excellent demonstration on how it should be done, and of course to your lovely horse