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Otto is a very big horse....who was donated to our centre in 2015, as he was suffering from some very challenging behaviours.....

He's absolutely gorgeous, as you can see....but his behaviour wasn't so nice at he was scared and skeptical of humans ..which made for some quite dangerous outburst...and big horses like this can do a serious amount of damage when they kick off, so it was not without risk that we took him on....However I have never believed in a "bad" we welcomed him to our big family here Natural Horse Nz.

Upon arrival he had some quite serious medical issues to deal with, which I personally paid to sort out for him, as they were too expensive for the centre to foot the bill, but it was all worth it as this helped him settle down, along with our low inflammation diet....all of which has helped him enormously.

Unbeknown to me at the time, my own long term equine partner, Gandalf, the big grey shown in the photos, was destined to pass away just a few short months after Otto's arrival....which broke my heart to say the least.

So has fate often works......Otto was to become my main horse....and our bond has gone from strength to we have developed a partnership over that time. 

This big fella has seen me through the grief of losing my equine soul mate in my sweet Gandalf....and I simply adore him ....all big stroppy 17.2hands of he can be sulky and very shut down at times

And I do a lot to stimulate that very big and clever brain of his.

Otto's softer side is of sheer sweetness to his family, as can be seen here with my daughter, who he towers over....and he is so soft and gentle with us, though he still has a deep mistrust of strangers...which we continue to work on.

As life often goes, everything happens for a reason....and as with all the horses in our care, Otto is now another one of our reasons to continue to help all horses, and the people that love them.

I continue to be humbled by all he teaches me.