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WHY DO WE USE A ROPE HALTER: A good quality, well fitted Rope Halter should be your very best piece of horsemanship equipment, as it can be an excellent tool for communicating with horses, and the reason we use them over other types of halters is because they are light and comfortable for the horse, but also that they have consequences for a resistant horse too....making them more effective in training.

WHEN THE HORSE IS CO-OPERATING: I cannot stress enough that when a horse is relaxed and compliant, a good quality, well fitted rope halter will not cause any discomfort at all, and will hardly be noticed by your horse...though we are not talking about cheap and nasty itchy nylon here folks with the rock solid nose knots, as sold by most tack stores...we are talking about our premium quality Professional NATURAL RIDER EQUI-ROPE HALTER and the they offer comfort, as well as provide softness against your horses face, and are easy to wear, being virtually weightless at just a few hundred grams per halter.

ZERO CONSEQUENCES WITH OTHER TYPES OF HALTER: However the same cannot be said if the horse tries to use his weight against us when wearing a rope halter, as is so easy for him to do with thicker strapping halters like webbing halters, or leather halters the wider the strapping is of any halter, the more he can use his weight against it as with more area for him to push into that thickness, and it doesn't take him long to realize he no consequences to these actions, and has the bulk advantage over us when he does this, which we definitely don't want to happen.

Now if your horse pushes or pulls into pressure with a rope halter, the strategically placed nose knots whether 2 or 4 knots, will make it uncomfortable for the horse to do that....along with the slender rope width, which also makes it uncomfortable, again ONLY if the horse is resisting, so therefore there is a consequence to this type of undesirable behaviour.......and because horses are such smart cookies , along with the handler offering the immediate release of pressure when they stop pushing into this pressure, they work out pretty quickly that being compliant is the most comfortable option for them.....Now again we aren't talking pain or nerve damage here as can happen with hard, cheap rope halters.....we are talking about just being uncomfortable if they are leaning into the halter from the nose knots, when using one of our NATURAL RIDER PROFESSIONAL HALTERS...a bit like it would be for us sitting on a walnut on a wooden chair...and this would only happen when the horse was pushing against the halter.

FASTENING: A rope halter that is not fastened correctly can turn into a nightmare for the horse, as if he pulls back or gets caught on it , this can cause the halter to over tighten with the wrong knot, and will be impossible to get off, needing to be cut off, or another downside to using the wrong type of knot to fasten is that is could come undone and fall off, so the right way to faten is shown as this will give a better fit, as well as be easier to undo.

For a wide choice of beautiful soft quality rope halters plus our range of bridles that have built in rope halters as to eliminate the need to have to use both items, please see this link...