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DON'T FEED TO TREAT ULCERS.....FEED TO PREVENT THEM: A horses whole digestive system is so unbelievably different to our own, as well as that of many other familiar animal species such as dogs, cats, cows, sheep, goats etc...too....and it's very easy for us to try to feed horses in the wrong way due to we often try to project the needs of these other animals onto horses when we feed our horses like that, which is what often leads to digestive issues including ulcers.

Unfortunately this is an all too common scenario for our domestic horses, yet wild / feral horses very rarely get what causes them in our domestic equine friends? It's often due to domestic environmental factors that cause stress to the horse, such as being stabled , or living alone, or being forced to do things that worry your horse etc.., all of which alters the horses hormone levels that increases stress on the body, and digestive tract....add to this the behaviour of feeding a horse 1,2 or say 3 meals per day and your horses digestion is in trouble....this is because a horses gut isn't designed to eat like us, and nor does it work that way ....

Horses need to eat ALL THE TIME, so that is ALL DAY AND EVERY DAY....rather than this 3 meals a day business us humans live by....PLUS it's also vital that your horse is living with others of his own kind, with lots of turnout, in as stress-free as an environment as possible, with low sugar fibre provided to him or her 24/7 in order to prevent ulcers, and provide a constant trickle feed of food to feed him as nature intended, as his digestion needs.....rather than to feed him like us.....and this is how we prevent ulcers.

So how do we do that without giving too much toxic ryegrass as sadly most of New Zealand's pastures contain.......well that part is the easy just stuff a slow feed hay net with meadow hay, and keep it topped up to reduce stress, and your horse will quickly realise the food is not going to run out and slow down his eating down once he realises the feed is always there.The slow feed nets are special feeding nets that have been made with small holes in the netting, that only allows the horse to grab small amounts of hay, in order to mimic this natural order of trickle grazing....and they really work too.We have used our own heavy duty nets for years to excellent results, and have our own brand made specially for us which are much more heavy duty than most....they are available to buy on this link....and they are worth every they feed your horse like he was meant to eat little and often.

We hope this will help you understand your horses digestive needs in more detail...and ask that you read our pages on Better Horse Health for advice on good equine diets too  Feel free to share