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MAX AND OTTO-SHADOWING EACH OTHERThese two very misunderstood horses have become the very best of friends, and are like shadows to each other these days-even sharing food, which we are all so pleased to see..
It was a tricky start with Otto (white face) being extremely dominant to Max (with the darker face) and bullying him quite badly at first, but things have thankfully settled down now, and a beautiful friendship has blossomed between these two 17+hh giants.

Max was a bolting mess of stress and toxins upon arrival to the centre, making him very dangerous and unpredictable initially, but he has been through our rescue rehabilitation program himself, and has come out the other side of that as a happy and confident horse who now adores people, so it's absolutely fantastic to see that he has taken Otto under his wing, and is helping him through the program too.

Otto had some serious eye issues upon his arrival, that we had to address before we could proceed further with his rehab training, which has been a lengthy treatment, so now that he can see and has fully recovered from this, we are starting to make some great progress with him too. So if you have a horse with behavioural issues, please don't give up on them, as 99% of them can be helped, just like we have been able to help these two gorgeous boys ...........

And for all your support and well wishes for all the horses we help, we want to say a big thankyou to you all too as this is an achievement we have all made together through the support of our New Zealand horse lovers community via Natural Horse NZ